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Useful links for the multimodal, multilingual, multicultural language classroom:


Framework of reference for pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures (FREPA), theoretical background, 4 approaches – intercultural learning, integrative language didactics, Intercomprehension, Awakening to languages, corresponding descriptors etc.):


Books on Intercomprehension (in German)


Visualization tools:


Intercultural links and blogs:


Teaching German culture and  language features in a fun classroom setting

  • Atlas zur deutschen Alltagssprache (Atlas of Present-Day German Vernacular,  Liège/Salzburg, 2011 (Illustrating dialects and regional differences, e.g. a map of words used for "bun" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Weck, Semmel, Rundstück, Schrippe – in German): http://www.atlas-alltagssprache.de/
  • Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas (Dialect atlas: explaining German dialect terms, with examples and regional cultural aspects – in German): http://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/dialektatlas/s-8150
  • German Missions in the United States (an external view on Germany, explanations of German society, history and culture): http://www.germany.info/  
  • Goethe Institute (an external view on Germany, explanations of German society, history and culture – in German): http://www.goethe.de/ins/ie/prj/scl/bdt/deindex.htm  
  • Digitales Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (Digital Dictionary of the German Language, DWDS, German lexis, connotations, related and synonymous words – in German): http://www.dwds.de/   
  • Wortschatz Leipzig (Various German and foreign language words in context, with connotation, examples, word nets): http://corpora.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/en


Valorization of heritage languages and  cultures in the classroom


Mixed languages (Language diversity, focusing on adaptation strategies in language contact situations, speaking/teaching two languages simultaneously):