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Who are we?

Our team of linguists, communication and culture experts provides solutions for all questions on language, communication and (inter)cultural issues.


The Partners

Marie-Louise Brunner, M.A.

Marie-Louise is founder and managing partner of Teaching Solutions. She is a linguist, culture studies researcher and expert for intercultural communication, as well as the manager of the of the new center for language and intercultural communication at Trier University of Applied Sciences where she is currently researching linguistic strategies in international Skype talks. She has gained comprehensive teaching experience as lecturer for English linguistics and as intercultural trainer at Saarland University's International Study Center (Studienkolleg). She presents her linguistic and intercultural research at conferences, panels and workshops around the world, discussing topics such as the cultural role of the English breakfast, web-based, multilingual and intercultural approaches to language teaching, or the characteristics of international communication via Skype. She has worked as expert consultant for the Saarland Ministry of Education, monitoring the testing of  speaking tasks in the Saarland leaving certificate examinations, and trains language and learning consultants in the use of language diversity in classroom settings. Her last Children's University lectures were on "It's not always ABC – Writing around the world" and "Why time may run differently – A journey through other cultures." 

Marie-Louise's LinkedIn profileMarie-Louise's LinkedIn profile  Website Trier University of Applied Sciences


Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer

Stefan is founder and managing partner of Teaching Solutions. He is a language and communication scientist, professor for international business communication and digital business at Trier University of Applied Sciences,  associate professor at Saarland University and Technical University Berlin, and English lecturer at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences. Stefan has been advising companies on language and intercultural issues for more than ten years. As expert for English for Special Purposes he is the ideal consultant for specialized inquiries, from international marketing or digital business to such diverse fields as mining technology, SME economics or environmental law. In his numerous presentations and workshops he talks about the relationship between language and identity, the role and development of English as a world language and the development of language in the web. He is a consultant for the Saarland Ministry of Education and trainer at the Saarland Institute for Pedagogy and Media, where he offers didactic workshops, for example on the use of web media in the classroom.  He has also been giving Children's University lectures at numerous schools and universities.

Stefan's LinkedIn profileStefan's LinkedIn profile  Website Trier University of Applied Sciences


What do we offer?

We offer language consulting, communication optimization and training in innovative learning and teaching methods – for private customers, companies and public institutions. Our services at a glance:

  • Teacher training in web-based learning and teaching, learning with web corpora, multilingualism in the English and French language classroom, intercultural competence in the classroom, Intercomprehension and Language Awareness approaches, learning with the Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches to languages and cultures, communication optimization
  • Presentations, workshops and training on culture, language, language diversity, global communication, cultural country and regional profiles
  • School and student workshops, e.g. as Children's University, compact or extended workshops, simulation games or case studies – on topics such as world cultures, writing systems, language discovery, marketing worldwide, intercultural country profiles, holidays and celebrations, heritage languages
  • English, academic English & English for special purposes (technology, law, environment & life sciences, business & marketing...), English as a world language
  • Scientific consulting, design and optimization of language courses and tests
  • Intercultural training
  • Design and implementation of language concepts for companies, intercultural optimization of company and corporate communication.

Current projects and workshops

  • Business Foundation for Master of Fine Arts (for Trier University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Gemstone and Jewelry, Idar-Oberstein): Compact seminar on entrepreneurship in the creative industry, with project phase and business idea workshop
  • International communication in the university administration (for Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental campus Birkenfeld): Compact seminar on communication strategies in intercultural communication, with focus on examination office and student administration
  • Using plurilingual resources – Supporting multilingualism with new media and methods (for LPM – Saarland Institute of Pedagogics and Media, Saarbrücken): Continuing education seminar for teaching staff with examples and workshops on media use, online data resources, and multilingualism in the second language classroom
  • Spoken grammar – Genre variation in spoken English (for LPM – Saarland Institute of Pedagogics and Media, Saarbrücken): Continuing education seminar for teaching staff on integration of authentic spoken language  and Lingua Franca elements in the English as a Second Language classroom

Learn more about our services and contact us – we also welcome specific inquiries.